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WHIZeCargo is a web based comprehensive and advanced supply chain execution solution for freight forwarding, shipping,  3PL and fourth-party logistics (4PL) operations. Using market-leading technology, WHIZeCargo’s tightly integrated solutions enable users to lower costs and enhance profitability by collaborating with their customers and vendors across the supply chain. WHIZeCargo is a complete ERP system coupled with supply chain features.

WHIZeCargo is built on the proven Web based Open Source technologies and provides the business rules, logic, and integration capabilities for its functional solutions to: Freight Forwarding, Warehouse Management, Yard Management, Fleet ManagementNVOCC & Shipping Lines, Procurement Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Customer Relationship Management, HR Management, and Financial Accounting.

WHIZeCargo is a product of WHIZTEC, where IT Wizards work. WHIZTEC, founded in 1996, is a group of extremely passionate individuals working on developing web based enterprise solutions for the medium and large companies.  WHIZTEC uses advanced service oriented architecture (SOA) and business process management technologies to provide richly configurable applications to companies with robust application and data integration capabilities, along with improved workflow. The major business driver is to help customers quickly transform their business structures and processes, and the way they do business. Please visit WHIZTEC Solutions section for the details of ERP solutions for the shipping and logistics industry

Freight Job Management


This module captures all order details of different kind of jobs. Each job may be executed either by Sea, Air or Land. The job register is a repository of all single and consol job related information of import, export, multi-modal, cross-trade, packing and shifting (removal), clearing and forwarding, warehousing, documentation, and others. Job module provides a built-in warehouse management system with the ability to track the storage charges and generate all required documents automatically such as Airwaybills, Bill of Lading, Pre-Alert, Arrival Advice, Warehouse Receipts, Packing List, Pick List etc. 

The job details may be entered at distributed locations and each branch can be treated as separate profit center. Job Management module also keeps track of any customer or order requirements and it records all planned events and documents related to a job. Flexible and versatile search engine supports easy tracking of all types of jobs.

Cargo Tracking/User Module


It extends the software capabilities and gives access to customers, shippers, agents, and consignees to update and view the status of the concerned shipments using different search criteria such as AWB No, BL No, Container No, Voyage No…. Through the user module, all the stakeholders of the business can communicate each other to make sure that information is available on time and 24x7. This module can be extended to a powerful web based supply chain system to track the shipment from manufacturer to retail shelf.

This module ensures the real time tracking of shipments and order information anytime, anywhere, while decreasing redundant emails and phone calls from customers and business associates. The secure user access facility enables various stakeholders of the business to exchange information through direct manual entry/EDI.


NVOCC/Shipping Line Management


captures various details of export/import/transhipment jobs. In the case of export, the process starts with a booking slip with shipment details and for import/transhipment it starts with the arrival advice received from customer/agent. Facility provided to check the
container availability, release container, book the shipment with the vessel operator/slot operator, enter BL details, prepare load list, cargo manifest, discharge list, delivery order and other related documents. 

Any of the documents generated from the job information is customizable and can be sent as EDI/email/fax. The software access also can be extended with sufficient security to all stakeholders of the business for required data entry (eg:-Pre-advice entry) or information retrieval (eg:-Container tracking) or information request (eg:-Quotation request). The container inventory and movement details are updated automatically once the job details are updated. Every purchase, sale, offhire and onhire transaction also affects the inventory system. Job management module also keeps track of any customer or order requirements and it records all planned events and documents related to the job. Flexible and versatile search engine supports easy tracking of jobs and containers.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)


Warehouse Management (WMS) module performs online data updates to reduce labour costs by eliminating redundant data entry necessary with paper based systems. It takes care of multiple warehouses, locations, Multiple SKUs and/or multiple units of measure on the same pallet, ASN/non ASN receiving, bar code creation and printing, lot/serial no/expiry date tracking, cross docking or put-away with auto or manual location management, replenishment, order picking, manual/automatic pulling, load 

manifest, transfers/moves, and cycle counting. WMS module supports paperless receipts and Radio Frequency guided (RFID) picking. Integrated shipping/freight module takes care of bill of lading creation, shipping label generation, and repacking. WMS also provides a number of warehouse related reports including but not limited to storage charges, product movement, product ageing. Warehouse management systems offers increased efficiency, greater inventory accuracy and availability, better use of manpower, fewer/no picking and shipping errors, higher customer service levels, shorter order turnaround time, and quicker access to warehouse data.


Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)


This module takes care of marketing, sales and customer support management. Modules include sales activity planning, sales activity register, email marketing, contact manager, lead qualification, lead assignment, lead tracking, appointment register, customer messaging and support ticket manager. Highly intuitive user interface with graphical charts make it a powerful CRM module comparable to many off the shelf products. Since it is a web based system, collaboration of various activities become a reality.


Financial Accounting Module


It includes complete customized and integrated financial accounting package that has facilities like:


o General ledger
o Bank, cash - payment and receipt, journal voucher
o Credit note and Debit note
o Petty cash and bank accounts
o Fixed and current assets/liabilities
o Budgeting
o Financial statements – Trial balance and Balance Sheet
o Profit and loss
o Post dated checks
o Budget variance reports
o Sub ledger/Ledger reports
o Accounts payables/receivables, Ageing Analysis
o Financial Year opening and closing
o Drill down facility in reports
o Integrated with operation modules for automatic posting
o It provides reminders on important activities,

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